How get enrolled on AumDeBot passive income program

Passive income program becomes available to you after you have paid a one time fee of USD 25.

How to replenish your account and start receiving passive income

Launch AumDeBot telegram bot, select Balance from the menu.

You should see your current balance and stats with the button Replenish below – see attached screenshot.

Click Replenish. You will see a list of available passive income programs and buttons associated with each of them. See screenshot.

Click Start or Premium and you will be able to choose the payment system. You can use BUSD stablecoins, USDT USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron.

Select the payment system and the bot will ask you for the amount. An invoice will generated afterwards which you can view by clicking Replenish. See the screenshot.

Click Replenish. You will be asked to confirm opening the link. Click Open.

To pay, copy the shown wallet id and send your order amount to this wallet. You can also enter your email on the order. In this case we will send you receipt confirmation upon receiving the money.

ATTN: If the invoice does not open when you follow the link contact support via selecting Help option from the main bot menu.